To proffessionals, who want longterm support,
Culinarys Conseils offers to use the brand Philippe Parc.
It is a relationship based on trust
and a common concern for quality research.

Philippe Parc and his team will accompany you:

     - by conducting an audit of your needs, according to your premises, your staff and your customers 
     - with assistance in the recruitment of your staff
     - with consultancy concerning the store layout and laboratory
     - upon the opening point of sale
     - with training 4 times a year from 7 to 10 days
     - in the creation and renewal of specific products for your store and your environment
     - by sharing know-how and technical assistance

Subject :

     - compliance with the tender specifications and concept
     - continuous monitoring of training
     - respect of manufacturing the brand image
     - hygiene and impeccable service
     - compliance with technical recommendations of recipes, councils and implementation of quality procedures
     - the details of the terms of current agreement are upon request