Formations en entreprise 3 jours minimum prises en charge par les fonds de formation continue FAF
Formations en entreprise jours minimum prises en charge par les fonds de formation continue FAF 5

Being enthralled by the world culinary and holding a titular of CAP I’ve decided to put all my knowledge in the sphere of making desserts and I’ve surrounded me with the specialists of this art.

By participating in many national and international competitions I expanded my gastronomic culture and new and prestigious companies’ doors were opening up before me: starred restaurants, bakeries of renons, sumptuous pastries and bakeries as well as companies from the food industry.

With significant experience in multiple spheres,I have decided to dedicate all my knowlegde and know-how in helping you with: design your laboratory, optimize your organizational mode, train you and your staff, renew your offer

Philippe Parc is a french artisan pastry consultant, a caterer consultant and trainer, a chocolate chef, a delicatessen and ice cream consultant, an internationally renowned bakery consultant for patries consultancy, for patry consulting, for consultancy by a pastry formative and renowned.


The range of recipes is updating each year and this is an additional guarantee for those who want to have an innovative, modern and always surprising recipe.

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• Budget development
• Set the configuration of the laboratory that matches your requirements
• Help in choosing high-performance equipment
• Help in recruitment of staff
• The control of hygiene and security

This is not complete list one and any other of your expectation can be considered by our team in order to define all the answers to your requirements.